How to Create Your Own Backdrop for Headshots

As a photographer, I have had a hard time getting my business off the ground. I have this instinct that tells me the only way to make money from photography is to do family portraits, senior photos, etc. I recently discovered, however, that there is an entire niche in the photography world that revolves around business.

I’ve decided to take my photography in a new direction. I want to market to businesses like realtor offices, medical offices, and more. I can provide headshots, product photos, and of course real estate photography. To get my portfolio built up for this change…

Should you upgrade your phone for the camera?

One of the most attractive features of iPhones for its users is the camera quality. As a photographer, I can’t tell you how many times I have reached for my iPhone XS to snap a quick picture.

With new iPhone models being released every year, how do you know when it’s worth the upgrade? I struggle with this every time Apple announces the next big thing. This year, I was lucky enough to have people around me upgrade to the iPhone 12 Mini.

My friend Bekah and I got together at a local park to test out five camera settings…

How to make your images pop

Take a look at the circles below. Which one catches your eye first?

And Take Your YouTube Videos to the Next Level

Think about your favorite YouTubers.

What do all of their videos have in common? They probably have unique titles and animations, right?

Most of the bigger YouTubers hire graphic designers to create these for them, but what if I told you that you can create your own unique animations and titles on your iPad?

For this tutorial, you will need an iPad with Procreate installed. A stylus is optional, but it makes this a lot easier!

Let’s get started!

We are going to be making an animated title for a “Week in my Life” video.

  1. Open Procreate.

Should you use TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts?

Today, I am going to explore three different short-form video platforms and identify which one is the best to invest your time in if you are trying to grow your online audience.

Before I get into the current platforms that we have available, let’s take a quick history lesson in short-form video platforms!

A History Lesson

Our story begins way back in 2012, when the Philip Hamilton of these platforms was born…. (was that reference too niche?) Vine was born in 2012 and allowed users to create 15-second videos. …

How I use Them for my YouTube Videos

The battle between apple users and non-apple users has been ongoing, and while both sides have merit, I’m here to tell you why Apple products are the clear winner when it comes to creating content.

To give some context to my creative experience, I am a photographer, and I make videos on YouTube. I am by no means a professional YouTuber. I make videos because I find them fun, and I want to share my projects and knowledge with other people.


I use my iPhone to film some of my video clips. It is the easiest device to just…

Utilize these tips to take your photos to the next level.

Anybody can take a photo. Everybody has some sort of picture-taking device. If not an independent camera- they most likely have a smartphone.

So if anyone can do this, how do some photos get set apart, and labeled as professional, beautiful… extraordinary, even?

Is it the camera? Do you have to pay a crazy amount of money to take a breathtaking photo?

Absolutely not.

All you need is to follow (or know when to break) a few rules…

Rule of Thirds

The first photography composition rule, and arguably the most important, is the rule of thirds.

This is the idea…

How I Found my Inspiration Again

As a child, I loved writing stories. I couldn’t believe that the power to create worlds and ideas was available to me. I could do the same thing that my favorite authors were doing — amazing.

In addition to physically writing, my best friend and I would play with dolls. I’m not talking about “Let’s dress them up and brush their hair” playing. Oh no. These games would last days. Every character (doll) had their own back story. We would establish the setting and premise of the game before starting. The setup would take hours. …

Have you ever watched videos on YouTube that just take your breath away? They have incredible aerial establishing shots that really set the scene.

When I first started noticing those shots, I assumed the look was unachievable for someone like me- a total beginner. In my head, drones were:

  1. Expensive
  2. Hard to operate
  3. A Legal mess.

Today I’m going to tell you how I overcame my hesitations about drones, and what it’s been like with my very first drone as an absolute beginner!

Picking a Drone

The first thing I had to do was pick a drone. This of course…

Have you ever taken a photo, or recorded a video, thinking it was perfect, only to realize far too late that the temperature of the image was too warm?

Not to worry! This is a common mistake, and easily correctible. You just need to understand what white balance is, why it’s important, and how to adjust it. I can help with that.

Color Temperature

To understand White Balance, you need to understand color temperature. This may sound complicated, but the general concept is something we all learned in elementary art class. …

Cassie Ring

Photographer. YouTuber. Aspiring Writer. Dog Mom.

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